Classes Offered @ AK

Fall 2018-2019 Season     Classes Begin September 9th

SUNDAYS - Location CYAA, Candia NH (Candia Youth Athletic Assoc)
5PM-545PM      Intro Class or Returning Non Competition students 
                                   7- 12 ages
5PM-530PM      AK MINI'S  Ages 6 and Under
5PM - 545PM   Technique for Competition Team  Ages 12+ 

545PM - 8PM     COMPETITION TEAM & Mini Competition Team Member

MONDAYS -  Location  Cawley Middle School, Hooksett (HYAA Program) 
6PM-8PM              OPEN GYM/HALFTIMES with HYAA Program

TUESDAYS   Location:   Unbound Dance Academy Twirlers, Hooksett NH
Time:  TBD
Class registeration & payments are done directly through
                               Unbound Dance Academy.

 WEDNESDAYS  Location: Merrimack NH 
 4  Sessions  Available   Please contact  Miss Darcy to Schedule. 


 Intro Class -  This Class is open to Students 7+ that have never
                              tired twirling baton  and would like to experience the sport. 

 Returning Non Competition Students - This class is designed for students
                              that have had at least  1 year of twirling and would like to                                                continue with out the commitment of competition team. 

 AK MINI's -   This program is designed for our mini twirlers
                               6 and below.  This class combines twirling and creative                                                     movement for our  future twirlers.

Competition Team Members/Mini Competition Team Member -
                                This class is designed for twirlers that would like to compete                                         throughout the year locally with the option of  nationally.                                               Competition Team requires twirler to compete as a soloist as                                        well as on the team. This is a year round commitment  with 3                                       weeks off in the Summer.  

OPEN GYM -  Open Gym  is provided by HYAA.  This class provides  all                                                  twirlers  to come and practice individual tricks, and routines.                                        A small fee & release form is needed to use the facility. 

PRIVATE LESSONS - Private lessons are one on one with one of our                                                                       Instructors at AK. All privates are on Wednesday's at                                                       B.Well Studio, Merrimack, NH. 
GROUP LESSONS -  Lessons with a group  of 3+ students. 
                                              Do not need to all be at same level. 


as of September 1st, 2018 are subject to change

Intro to Baton Class Monthly Fee -  $65.00  45 min class
AK Mini's Class Monthly Fee - $55.00  30 min class
Technique Class Monthly Fee - $65.00 45 min class
Competition Team Monthly Fee - $145.00 per month
                              (includes Technique Class on Sunday Nights)
Mini Competition Team Member-  $90.00 per month
                        Ages 8 and Under on 2 or less  competition teams. (includes                                         Technique class and 1 hour of team class)
OPEN GYM - $20.00 monthly fee paid to HYAA - Hooksett Twirlers
Yearly Registration Fee (Due at Registration) - $25.00

                                        Sr Instructors                                Jr Instructors
Private Lessons -    30 Min   $25.00                          30 Min     $15.00
                                         45 Min   $40.00                           45 Min    $30.00
                                         1 Hour   $45.00                           1 Hour     $35.00

Group Lesson -        45 Min    $10.00  per twirler
Monthly Fee is due by the 1st of the Month
                   A late fee of $20.00 will be applied if past the 1st of the month

OPEN GYM fee is due the first night of OPEN GYM. 

Private Lesson Fees are due at time of private lesson

All Checks are written out to "Ameri-Kids" 
Credit Card Payments are also available for Monthly Fee (Tuition) ONLY
               Must have credit card form on file
Click Here to Download Registration Form